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Thank you to everyone who has said NO to cruel cosmetics in Europe! Add your name to the list by signing the petition now.
Number Name and comments Country
132,179 Mr Morrissey Say no to injecting, force-feeding or forcing animals to inhale substances for a new lipstick or shampoo. Please join me in signing the BUAV No Cruel Cosmetics petition to stop the sale of new animal tested cosmetics in the EU. United Kingdom
132,178 Ms Sienna Miller United Kingdom
132,177 Sir Paul McCartney Animals should not suffer in the name of beauty. Testing toiletries and cosmetics on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Join me in signing the BUAV’s petition to ensure the sale of cruel products in the EU is outlawed by 2013. Say NO to Cruel Cosmetics. United Kingdom
132,176 Mrs Jeannine Charret OUI aux cosmétiques non testés sur les animaux... France
132,175 Miss Marcia Lima Brazil
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132,173 Miss alba iglesias alonso Por fabor dejad de testar en animales,hay mas alternativas,cada vez hay mas gente concienciada y cada vez seremos mas los que no compraremos esos productos. NO A LA EXPERIMENTACIÓN CON ANIMALES!! Spain
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132,169 Miss Chris CHARRET Pour ne plus faire souffrir inutilement nos amis les animaux....Un immense OUI à des produits NON testés sur les animaux !!! France
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132,166 Mr Fuentes López Spain
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132,163 Mrs Christine FERARD France
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132,160 Mrs Hiana Pinto Brazil
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132,156 Miss Henriette Mentzel Denmark
132,155 Miss Clara Curado Portugal
132,154 Miss Kateřina Slavíčková United Kingdom
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132,152 Ms Márcia Silva Brazil
132,151 Miss Sarah Emily Dombiak Brazil
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132,149 Miss hana pisarikova Czech Republic
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132,146 Miss Viviane Araujo Brazil
132,145 Miss Vera Santos Portugal
132,144 Miss Pavlína Sluková Testování kosmetiky na zvířatech je kruté, nelidské a zbytečné. Proč by zvířata měla trpět kvůli lidské marnivosti? Ano, používám kosmetiku - dekorativní, pečující, koupelovou...ale ne testovanou na zvířatech!!!!! Myslím, že lidé si za ten pocit, že zvířata netrpí kvůli jejich šamponu nebo make-upu rádi připlatí. Czech Republic
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132,141 Miss Aleksandra Przybysz Poland
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132,139 Mr Doris Volmar Germany
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132,136 Frau Laura Dreier Germany
132,135 Miss Lada Martinková Czech Republic
132,134 Frau Helen Berg Germany
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132,131 Mr EMANUELE FRIONE Italy
132,130 Frau caren amann DAS DARF NICHT SEIN !!! Tierleid muss endlich verhindert werden. Germany
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