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Thank you to everyone who has said NO to cruel cosmetics in Europe! Add your name to the list by signing the petition now.
Number Name and comments Country
132,141 Mr Morrissey Say no to injecting, force-feeding or forcing animals to inhale substances for a new lipstick or shampoo. Please join me in signing the BUAV No Cruel Cosmetics petition to stop the sale of new animal tested cosmetics in the EU. United Kingdom
132,140 Ms Sienna Miller United Kingdom
132,139 Sir Paul McCartney Animals should not suffer in the name of beauty. Testing toiletries and cosmetics on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Join me in signing the BUAV’s petition to ensure the sale of cruel products in the EU is outlawed by 2013. Say NO to Cruel Cosmetics. United Kingdom
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132,136 Frau Laura Dreier Germany
132,135 Miss Lada Martinková Czech Republic
132,134 Frau Helen Berg Germany
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132,131 Mr EMANUELE FRIONE Italy
132,130 Frau caren amann DAS DARF NICHT SEIN !!! Tierleid muss endlich verhindert werden. Germany
132,129 Herr Robert Girvan Germany
132,128 Frau Britta Popp Im Jahr 2014 scheint es absurd und absolut unnnoetig Tierversuche an hilflosen und unschuldigen Tieren durchzufuehren. STOP ! SOFORT! Kosmetik verlaengert nicht das Leben der Menschen aber es verkuerzt das Leben der Tiere! Germany
132,127 Mrs Michaela Sedláčková Czech Republic
132,126 Mrs Ellen Pelechová Czech Republic
132,125 Mrs Martina Vávrová Czech Republic
132,124 Mr Zuzana Lacinová Czech Republic
132,123 Mr Jana Vaňková Czech Republic
132,122 Miss Jana Opluštilová Czech Republic
132,121 Mrs Pavla Hýsková Czech Republic
132,120 Mrs aline Matos I\'m total against the animal tests. These days we have enough technologies and also voluntary people who would help with the tests. Animals have no choice, we can do what we want and they can\'t complain... That\'s so unfair. Brazil
132,119 Mr Hana Žurovcová Czech Republic
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132,117 Miss Zuzana Skaličková Zvířata nemužou za to,že se nějaké dámičky chtějí napatlat těma hnusama,které stejně ničí pleť a je uplně jedno,jestli to testuejte na těch nebohých zvířetech nebo ne,protože na nich akorát testujete,za jak dlouho se ty ničící učinky dostaví.Tak toho laskavě nechte,když to stejně k ničemu není!!!!!! Oni akorát trpí a ty dámičky vypadjíještě hůř,než kdyby si ten patlanec na sebe nedaly. Czech Republic
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132,114 Mrs A. Stam United Kingdom
132,113 Mr Milan Skácel Czech Republic
132,112 Mr Jaromír Hublar Czech Republic
132,111 Miss Lucie Žurovcová Czech Republic
132,110 Mrs Miluše Kretová Czech Republic
132,109 Miss Emily Jakes United Kingdom
132,108 Miss therese Suster Animals should not suffer in the name of beauty Denmark
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132,106 Miss Laura Taylor It would be nice to see leaping bunny logo on all products in the uk and even in the eu, but asit stands I have not seen this logo on any products in supermarkets. United Kingdom
132,105 Mrs Josette Mallinger France
132,104 Miss Carla Teixeira Portugal
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132,101 Mrs G. Mulders Netherlands
132,100 Miss Ivana Coufalová Czech Republic
132,099 Miss Ana Sofia Alves Oliveira Portugal
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132,097 Mrs Ruzena Hoskova Czech Republic
132,096 Ms Ivona Hoskova Czech Republic
132,095 Dr Roberta Matkovic Croatia
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