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Shocking animal tests carried out for Procter & Gamble cosmetics

Below are details of an experiment carried out in 2005, before animal testing in Europe was banned, which highlights the cruelty of testing cosmetics on animals. Similar experiments are likely to still be taking place outside the EU for products sold in Europe. The 2013 ban would ensure such products are no longer available.

HC Orange No 1 is an ingredient used in hair dyes.  It was tested extensively by Procter & Gamble back in 2005.  

One test included force-feeding pregnant rats the ingredient every day for two weeks and then killing them in order to examine their unborn babies.

The rats were given such large amounts of the ingredient that it literally turned them orange.

The study noted that the rats’ fur, tails and urine had turned orange/red and they had red/orange discharges from their mouths and vaginas.  After the rats were killed the researchers found their organs had also turned yellow/orange.

Although this experiment took place before 2009, when animal testing for cosmetics was outlawed in the EU, similar experiments are likely to be still taking place to this day outside the EU for cosmetics sold within the EU.

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